What is 7MOOR Omnichannel Customer Service?

彩神10:An Integrated system support functions like

  • 彩神10:CRM

  • 彩神10:Omnichannel live
    customer service

  • 彩神10:Call center

  • 彩神10:Customer support tickets

Advantages of 7MOOR omnichannel customer service

Puts all your customer support interactions in one place, so communication is seamless and efficient–
which means higher productivity and satisfied customers.

  • Support Multiple Channels

    Customer interactions across PC, mobile devices, App, Wap, Wechat, Weibo, Email, H5 and any other channel you can imagine, all come together in one place

  • Call Center

    Professional call center with unlimited IVR (Interactive Voice Response), a variety of ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) strategies, monitoring (audio and video), stealing the call, quality control, etc

  • Market Analysis

    Data analyzing and Visualization help enterprises to extract insights like customer profiles, tracking customers’ habits and hence optimize marketing strategies and increase conversion rate.

  • PaaS Solutions

    Our platform supports seamless connection with third-party software, such as communication capability, CRM, work order, SMS, etc

Simple and intuitive interface – Easy and fast

A single, dynamic help desk interface makes it easy to be productive

Highlight 1: Omnichannel live customer service

Respond customers through multiple channels – No more switching in between

  • Variety of channels supported –

    Be the most accessible agents

    website phone/400 APP
    email Weibo

    Marketing Analysis – Extract

    insights and improve performance

    User browse track playback: help you with user

    彩神10:behavior analysis

    Traffic source analysis: Capture information like

    time on page, keywords, browsers and operating system, etc.

Omnichannel live customer service – other functions

A faster and easier way to interact with your customers – higher conversion rate

  • 彩神10:Pop-ups Customization

    Customize your own pop-up logo, chat window name, color theme and preset the time to close the window.

  • 彩神10:Chat allocation/ forwarding

    Support multiple allocation strategies depends on your needs. System also supports forwarding of chats between agents.

  • 彩神10:Video Calling Customer Service

    Support Video calling initiation from both sides, you can solve the problem face to face. The system also supports remote desktop control.

  • 彩神10:Agents Status

    Agents can choose their status from multiple choices to show others.

  • 彩神10:Satisfaction evaluation

    Customers can rate the agents after the conversation is done, which make it easier for enterprises to evaluate agents performance.

  • 彩神10:Voice mail

    When there is no agent available, the system will prompt the customer to leave a message and automatically create a support ticket, make sure that you will lose no customers.

  • 彩神10:Knowledge Base

    You can upload and download instructions from the knowledge base of our system; the agents can check the knowledge base during the conversation using functions like fast query and fast reply.

  • 彩神10:Contact history record

    The platform will automatically store the conversation history, when the same customer visit again, the agent can check the conversation history for better service.

Highlight 2: Call Center

Powerful functions – independently developed software interaction platform

  • Softphone bar – give you full

    control over the call

    Hang up, pick uptransfer the call
    Status (busy/idle)

    IVR System – Customize your own


    Our system support IVR 16 kinds of process node. Enterprise can make combinations of any of them and achieve the full flow of IVR.

    Answer calls from all sources –

    Answer the calls from all carriers in

    the industry

    Phone numbers start with 400 Telephone call
    Self-prepared Trunk Line

Call center – other functions

彩神10:Support multiple ways of inbound call allocation

  • 彩神10:Smart routing allocation

    Support allocations like random allocation, idle time allocation, geographical routing allocation, and call history allocation.

  • 彩神10:Inbound call

    Functions like inbound call pop-ups, outbound call pop-ups, Tab page pop-ups will convenient your operation.

  • 彩神10:Call recording /download

    Every call will be saved and you can play it live or download it.

  • 彩神10:Contact Plan

    You can make a contact plan according to your need, the system will have pop-ups to remind you at the time you pre-set.

  • 彩神10:Outbound call tasks

    The system supports functions like import numbers, remove repeat numbers, reallocate the data, recycle numbers and put numbers to blacklist etc.

  • 彩神10:Business notes

    Taking notes of useful information during the service, which will help you meet the personalized needs of customers.

  • 彩神10:Satisfaction

    The system will pop-up the window for customers to rate for the service after the call is ended, there are levels like satisfied, dissatisfied, etc.

  • 彩神10:Agent Monitoring

    The system gathers the productivity and workload of agents, which will convenient the manager to assess their performance. The real time monitoring will help you know better about the condition of calls and status of agents, which help you better organize the assignment for agents.

Highlight 3: Smart Robot

Be free from repetitive works – improve the productivity

  • Keywords setting – Answer the questions

    frequently asked

    You can define thousands of keywords and pre-set the answers for the frequently asked questions so that customers can get immediate and accurate answers when they are asking questions to the smart robot.

    彩神10:Support exact matching answers

    彩神10:Support ambiguous matching answer

    Smart Chart – Help you optimize your robot


    The smart chart has statistics of smart robot’s respond history report and frequently asked questions. The manager can check the service quality of the smart robot using the smart chart and make adjustments accordingly to improve its’ performance.

    Self-Learning Mechanism

    When the questions that asked by customers are ambiguous, our smart robot will send a list of questions that customers might be interested into them, and the system will record the questions that clicked by customers and associate the question with the way that customer asked the question. By doing so, next time robot will push the answers to customers more accurately, and the system manager can check the association in the background.

High light 4: CRM and support ticket

彩神10:CRM| One-stop service for everything

  • Flexible CRM — flexible operation through

    the entire system

    No matter which window you are in, you can always check the customers’ information by one click. You can track the customers even before they ask any questions. And during the conversation the system will automatically identify the name, contact info of customers, the agents can put additional information in the text field. 7MOOR also provides an open CRM standard interface.

    Collaborative support tickets – initiate a

    support ticket across the departments in

    any process

    Drag and Drop tool for process visualization Support tickets pool

    Support tickets timer Support tickets history / export Support the customized support ticket content

Highlight 5: Monitor + Quality assurance

Keep the customer service quality and workload on track

  • Agent monitoring/Platform monitoring

    Our system provides real time monitoring data including agents’ real time activity, MOD monitor information etc. The real time monitoring consists of overall operation view, team view, business group view, skill group view, service hotline view and floor view so that you can check different groups of people’s status.

    Powerful voice quality control function

    Our system provides many ways of random check, and many kinds of quality control template, which help the enterprise ensure the quality of customer service.

    Support customized quality check template (Grade

    彩神10:template, Pass template)

    Support customized condition filtering, random selection

    彩神10:quality check

High light 6: Statistical Report

Access to the statistics anytime – save time and improve agents’ productivity

  • Multidimensional statistics – always keep

    track of the platform status

    Customer Reportconversation reportcall report

    traffic reportSupport ticket reportagents report

    email reportsatisfaction report

    Customized report period—generated on

    the time that you defined

    Support choices like daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.

    You can also export and download the report